Founded in 2001, China Welong is a professional international integrated supply chain service provider.  We are concentrating on the industrial customized metal products, aiming at empowering the world with the finest supply chain of China. Since the establishment, we are offering Supplier Development & Management, Purchasing Supervising, Quality Control services in China for many leading enterprises in the fields of International Industrial Manufacture, Oil Drilling, Aerospace & High-end Medical Treatment.     



Welong service certified with ISO:9001-2015.


Welong  make production by incoming drawings and samples.


Range of products we offer:

Sand Casting and Investment casting in gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloy steel from 0.5kgs--12000kgs


Sand Casting Gravity casting and Die casting Aluminum alloy Zinc alloy,  Magnesium alloy,  Copper alloy,  Aluminum copper alloy,  Aluminum magnesium alloy,  Aluminum Zinc Alloy from 0.02kgs to 20 kgs 


Centrifugal casting   Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Superalloy steel, etc.

Max casting weight: 3000kgs

Max casting length: 4000mm

Max diameter: 2000mm

Min diameter: 70mm

Min wall thickness: 8mm


Forging in  AISI 4145H  AISI 4145H MOD AISI 4330   AISI 4330V AISI 4142  AISI 4140  410SS  OD from 5to 42 Lengthmax 6 mters


Machining parts we have 5-axis CNC7 axis CNNseverial 


LatheMilling PlanerGrinding  ect  we can machine from 0.1kgs to 1 ton parts from castingforging and stock bar


Surface finish: 

Shot blasting, Painting, Galvanizing, Powder coatingatotech  dacromet Bluing  


Our engineering department can also design the drawings for you . We use Auto CAD, Pro-Engineering,  Solidworks, We can accept the files *.igs, *.aics, *.dwg, 


In the past 20 yearsour products shipped to UKGermanyFranceItalyPoland USACanada HollandSwedenAustrialNew zealandSingaporeIndia  more than 100 customers in Auto industrial


We are always working diligently to be the leader of international supply chain, boosting the China intelligent- manufacturing leading the world.